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Clinicians from around the world and all with the passion for recovery.

Niels Klok

Niels Klok

Niels has been with Solace Asia since its foundation. Prior to coming to Solace Niels worked in the Netherlands with adolecents with behavioral and substance abuse disorders. Within Solace, Niels has worked with people struggling with Substance Abuse Disorders, Borderline Personality Disorders, and Developmental Trauma. Niels is trained in Cognitive Behaviroral Therapy, Family Therapy, Substance Abuse Treatment, and a qualified clinical supervisor.

Clinical Manager

Niels Klok is a clinical social worker, certified family therapist and addictions therapist. He is also in the process of attaining an accreditation as an emotion focussed therapist with the Caperspring Institute in Singapore. 

Prior the coming to Malaysia Niels worked as a social worker with youth protective services in the Netherlands gaining experience in working with adolescents and adults with a diagnosis of personality disorders, mood disorders, and psychiatric disorders.  

Niels has also spent two years teaching English in Thailand and served three years as a Navy corpsman with the Royal Dutch Navy.

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