February 27, 2020
Solace Asia

A long-lasting life of recovery, begins with choosing the right treatment facility for yourself or your loved one. Selecting what is the best treatment provider to seek professional help from, can be an overwhelming process, particularly when emotions are running high or one’s thoughts are obfuscated by the addiction.

Many are the accounts of poorly treated clients seeking help from mismanaged addiction treatment providers, often resulting in the worsening of the clients mental and physical conditions.
Deciding where to seek professional help from, is the most important decision one can make when starting on the path of recovery.

Over the years working with people suffering from addiction and mental health issues, we have heard many sad stories of poor decisions when deciding on a treatment facility.

To help make this important life changing decision, we are listing 5 important things to look out for:

1. Is This A Licensed and Accredited Treatment Facility? 

Accreditations determine if the facility meets or exceed minimum standards of quality. A qualified facility would have gone through numerous audits and on-site visits before achieving its accreditation. Look out for any accreditation the facility has obtained.
2. Are the Professionals in the Facility Qualified?

Trainings, certifications and qualifications are of utmost importance to determine the suitability of a professional in treating a substance abuse disorder. The clinical team of an accredited facility is continuously trained to make sure the latest and most cutting-edge services are provided. Ask for the clinical experience of the staff.

3. Treatment Program

With a number of various addiction treatment programs in the market to choose from, it is easy to be confused. Make sure that the treatment provided is scientifically designed to treat addiction and it is individualized to your specific needs through a series of thorough evaluations and assessments,carried out by qualified professionals. Clinicians need to be trained in these assessment tools and the findings are based on their expertise and not only your responses.

4. Follow Up Treatment Post Discharge

While undergoing treatment in the safety of a residential facility, clients enjoy the benefits of recovering within a secure and supervised environment. Most relapses do happen post discharge, once the person has returned home to the same environment where the addiction began manifesting. Make sure the treatment facility of your choice, employs customized post-treatment discharge plans.
5. Who Is This Treatment Facility Owned By?

Often overlooked,this is a detail to pay much attention to. The vision and mission of the organization and its owner/s are to be taken into consideration as well when choosing a treatment provider. Numerous are the organizations out there for a quick buck, make sure to seek help from a facility that strives daily to provide the highest standards of treatment and care and where the well-being of its clients is always prioritized

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