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We provide towards providing drug addiction admission options at economical Price.

Treatment in the region of South East Asia is very scarce. Mental Health insurance does not exist in South East Asia. No Insurance provider covers it.Facilities in Thailand cater predominantly to foreigners from developed countries, offering rates that only look economical for them and not thenotthe average South East Asian.

This puts the cost in the hands of the client, family or friends. At Solace Asia,we understand this aspect and work towards providing drug addiction admission followed by optimal treatment at an economical cost with options to cater to all kinds of people. We also provide financial support on a case by case basis supported by our in house foundation. At Solace Asia,we do not compromise on treatment. More can be read a tour page on Trust.

We ensure that we provide the latest treatment options as well as medical expertise at a cost that is more affordable to all families.

An intervention can motivate someone to seek help for alcohol or drug abuse, compulsive eating, or other addictive behaviours.
Detoxification (detox for short) is the physiological or medicinal removal of substances from the human body. Not everyone needs a detox to begin treatment with Solace Asia
Treatment only differs by the type of room occupied by the patient. 
• Treatment Manuals
• All External Activities
• Solace Lifepoint
• Alternative therapies
• Lodging in a healing setting
• All video and audio material
The two most important pillars for anyone in recovery is the house and the environment they go back to. To adapt to real life is as important as treatment itself, and included in the cost.

Methods of Payment for drug addiction admission:

Solace works with financing providers, insurance amongst regular payment methods for Treatment. For the payment process, we require 50% upfront payment on confirmation and the rest 50% on admission for regular payment methods. Financing can be through personal loans and other bank financial instruments. We will be happy to assist you through the process. If you have insurance that covers mental health related illnesses, we will be able to work with your preferred provider and get you into treatment as soon as possible.

Charges vary based upon a patient’s length of stay and individual needs. Length of stay is determined by the person’s level of physical functioning, the drug or combination of drugs to which the patient is addicted, medical or psychiatric complications, patient’s response to treatment, and the availability of appropriate continuing care resources in a patient’s home community. They do not include costs for prescription medication not normally administered for alcohol or drug withdrawal or lab services.

What to expect upon drug addiction admission?

The Solace Asia may come across as a get away or vacation. We would like to remind you that you are in a transformational journey and have been suffering at the hands of your addiction. Anxiety and fear are common symptoms of clients coming to Solace.

Assure yourself, that you are with the best team and your well-being is of their highest priority. Our counsellors, having had an experience similar to yours, completely understand the gravity of the situation and are well equipped to make your stay at Solace as comfortable a s possible.

If you are on your way to Solace you are already taken the first step to fighting this disease.

Making the Arrangements

The cost of our treatment programs differ depending on the type of program, diagnosis, withdrawal symptoms and accommodations. Solace Asia requires a half payment deposit before time of admission and the remaining payment to be paid at time of admission. If there is any financial problems at time of admission, kindly discuss this with our business office. Arriving clients can be admitted any time during the day or night. Upon arrival, clients and family members will meet our clinical team to fill out the needed paperwork and go through important personal information such as substance use and medical history, personal rights, grievance procedures, rules and regulations. After this, the client will be taken to detox prior to admittance into our retreat. The average duration of detoxification usually takes 3 to 5 days depending on the client’s level of substance in their body. Solace Asia’s clinical team will continue to follow up with our client’s case while at the detoxification facility.

Starting Treatment

After the detoxification process, our client is then chaperoned into Solace Asia to begin treatment with their assigned counsellor. Clients need to fill out additional forms such as restricted property, release of information, family context, history and psycho-social in take in order to customise the client’s treatment plan accordingly. Within days of arrival in Solace Asia, clients will be attending one on one counselling sessions, daily clinical meetings, activities, lectures and workshops.

What to Bring

Clients are required to bring a limited amount of clothing as laundry service is provided at the retreat. It is important that clients bring appropriate attire that is comfortable and any illustrations of alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex and violence on clothing is not allowed. The average temperature in  is between 23-32°C but daily temperatures can fluctuate so clients are advised to bring T-shirts, pants and a hooded sweatshirt or jacket. Below are some important items to bring:-

•    Identification card 
•    Casual clothes
•    Undergarments 
•    Walking shoes or flat soled  shoes
•    Socks (several pairs)
•    Jacket, sweatshirt 
•    Slippers
•    Gym clothes and bag (shorts, t-shirt, sport shoes, etc.)
•    Swimsuits
•    Current medications in original bottles, which will be checked and kept in the counsellor’s office
•    Cell phones, laptop computers, and other electronics are allowed to a client once considered clinically appropriate.

Client’s personal belongings will be secured in a locker and will be returned once they have completed the treatment.

What Not to Bring?

These are the following items that clients should not bring to Solace Asia. Our team will do a thorough inspection and confiscate any of these items and dispose it immediately.

•    Any drugs or medications not pre-approved or without prescriptions
•    Over the counter medications
•    Unnecessary jewellery
•    Alcohol based mouthwash or any items that contain alcohol

Planning to change your life?

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Planning to change your life?
Don’t hesitate. We’re here to support you.
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