Trusting The Rehab Experience

Sometimes Treatment Providers need help too.

Trust should be at the core of Rehab Principles

Trust is the most important aspect for Recovery. Every treatment center emphasises in trusting the addict and the addict to trust the family and the team. However, nobody asks the most important question of them all - “How do I trust the Rehab itself?”

History has shown that there have been many trying to use this industry to make soaring profits and quick fix treatments. When you're demanding large amounts a month or more from people trying to save their lives, you're bound to a higher standard of accuracy. But people still lie about their success rates. Many rehabs calculate their success rate solely based on the self-evaluation of their former clients. But mountains of research has proved that such surveys are notoriously inaccurate. When ex-clients are doing well, they are much more likely to take the rehab's calls. Clients who are doing badly tend to avoid them, skewing the poll results.


Here are the most common practices we heard about that are taking place in the addiction treatment industry, and that are considered unethical by leaders in the treatment industry. Many of these practices, especially those involving kickbacks, are also illegal:

·  Using call centers to share patient prospect information with and between treatment providers.

·  Paying money for referrals.

·  Giving large gifts to interventionists with whom a program works.

·  Claiming to take a patient’s insurance, when in fact the anticipated reimbursement is very low.

·  Paying kickbacks to labs that are overcharging insurance companies for drug tests performed on a facility’s patients.

·  Promising a cure.

·  Using nutrient supplements that are proprietary and billing the patient.

·  Using brain scans and other unproven treatments and billing the patient.

·  Internet marketing scams.

In essence, addiction could find itself in the same category, fairly or not, as other predators on the Internet looking for the desperate, who will pay anything to save a loved one.

To some extent, “caveat emptor”—buyer beware—applies to services purchased by consumers. But when those consumers are people desperate to have a loved one recover from addiction, should additional protections be built into the system for them?

Family members and patients frequently have no way of knowing that a treatment program was really a call center they got to by Googling “rehab,” and that the call center gets paid for referring patients to the actual treatment center. They don’t know that a program that promises to “work with” health insurance knows full well the insurance will cover only a few days at the facility, and the rest will have to be paid out of pocket.


At Solace Sabah, We do not employ any shady scheme to receive an addict into treatment. We use transparency, trust and integrity and learn from the mistakes that provides in the United States and Thailand have done to not go down the road of mistrust and controversy.

No Bait and Switch: At Solace, we don’t promise something and deliver something else altogether. We do not state that treatment is 28 days, and then make people stay for 90 days. We do not promise a cure for addiction, only a way to successfully arrest it and manage sobriety. We do not quote a treatment fee and then change it.

At Solace, we believe that we feel the dire straits that people come to us, seeking for a solution to their problem. We provide emphatic support and do not take advantage of the family or the addict.

No Referral Schemes: We do give kickbacks to Psychiatrists, Psychologists or any other person who recommends a person to our treatment. We only thank them. People should refer patients to us based on quality than what we pay them. We only hope that those who shun quality for money, their patients will do their due diligence before listening to their advise.

100% Transparency: Our Costing, our accommodation, our advertisements, they all speak of the reality and are exactly the same after you admit yourself with us. We do not employ non evidence based therapy with horses or wolves like other rehabs around the world. We only stick to what has been working amazingly for us and continue to give that to the addict who seeks treatment with us.

Actual Admission Screening: We will only take in admission where we feel we can add value to the recovery of the client at hand. If we have clients suffering from other illnesses, we would suggest a hospital and full recovery before coming to us. Other rehabs will ask you to come nevertheless, only to take your money and then state the hospitalization.

Constant Feedback: Whether it’s a self check in or a family entering a loved one into treatment, we provide constant feedback on progress, needs and any proactive measures that needs to be taken. We provide full reports of mental and biological state as well as care being delivered to the person.

Treatment by the best: We do not employ recovering addicts with 12 step familiarity to treat addicts. We employ actual Psychologists and Therapists with academic qualifications and experience to work with the patients, with specialists available for co-morbid disorders and psychiatric conditions. While we do practice 12 step facilitation for some parts of the program at Solace, we are of the belief that the 12 steps will not work for everyone and while we promise a customised treatment experience, if that customisation is to remove the steps and replace it with CBT/DBT/EMDR or any other clinical intervention, we would do it.

Why Choose Us?

Our values make us the best addiction treatment facility in the region.


We offer addiction treatment services to clients and their families. As the first private residential rehab in Malaysia, we set the benchmark for ethical treatment.


We have the ability to provide treatment not only in English, but also Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Cantonese and even Arabic! We are truly local yet global.


All our treatment has the Asian culture embedded in our modalities. We are 100% locally owned and operated agency, every center in Asia are owned by expatriates.


We don't only do Addiction Treatment, we also teach it! We are a NAADAC Approved Education Provider. We are also on Udemy, the worlds largest education platform.

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