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Evolving Treatment Methodologies in Addiction (ETMA)

21st and 22nd March 2024
Sofitel Damansara, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

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What is ETMA?

Substance abuse in many countries persists as one of the most costly and contentious propaganda amongst policy makers, enforcers and practitioners. ETMA by Solace Asia meets the need for more efficient research agendas that will yield sterling benefits surrounding the discourse. ETMA also serves as a platform to educate and empower industry personnel and the public with the aim to combat social prejudism and stigma.

Why is ETMA significant?

  • feature industry experts
  • showcase best treatment practises
  • deep-dive into the addiction discourse
  • highlight treatment efficacy

Who is ETMA targeted for?

  • addiction industry personnel
  • mental health counselors
  • policy makers and enforcers
  • academicians
  • tertiary scholars
  • general public
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Rice Media ETMA photo
Through statistics and evidence-driven effusions, these Malaysians argue that policymakers need to take a step back and have better clarity on the root causes of various addictions. And more importantly, refining policies in response to modern research and viable alternatives for sustainable recovery.


Dr Al-Zilal Abdul Wahid, a member of the Malaysian Psychiatric Association who has been working closely with the University Malaya Centre of Addiction Sciences, lays out multiple medical studies that evidence the practicality of vaping for smokers wanting to quit cigarettes.

One issue, according to a study by Cancer Research UK, lies in public perception. The mismatch between public perception toward vaping doesn’t match the evidence that vaping is a far safer alternative—e-cigarettes are unlikely to exceed 5 percent of the harm from conventional smoking.

Lobak Merah ETMA photo
Menurut Fiona Patten, ahli Victorian Legislative Council GEG di New Zealand dilaksanakan secara berperingkat bermula tahun 2011 dan mereka juga tidak mengharamkan pengunaan produk alternatif seperti vape atau produk HNB

Tambahnya lagi, adalah tidak wajar sekiranya penggubal dasar untuk mengkelaskan produk nikotin dan produk pengurangan bahaya seperti HNB ini dianggap sebagai produk yang sama. Dalam masa yang sama beliau juga kurang bersetuju dengan model larangan yang ingin digunapakai oleh dasar GEG Malaysia.

World of Buzz ETMA photo
In the recent Evolving Treatment Methodologies in Addiction (ETMA) conference that was held on 28th and 30th July, 2022, the Generational End Game (GEG) policy was brought up several times by industry expert speakers, scholars and academicians. The conference encouraged the government and public to embrace preventive and corrective measures instead of sticking to old methods that are mostly abstinence-based.


Prof. Dr. Sharifah Ezzat Wan Puteh who discussed tobacco harm reduction in a forum. While agreeing that nicotine is addictive and not entirely harmless, she mentioned how other countries have been looking at reduced-risk products such as e-cigarettes and vapes as alternatives to reduce combustible cigarettes


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