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Solace Asia is a Drug Addiction, Alcohol Addiction and Behavioral Addiction Treatment Center in Malaysia. Our Drug and Alcohol Rehab is provided in both a residential and virtual setting giving the best chance of recovery to those who need it.

Solace Online: Virtual Addiction Treatment Services

After receiving feedback from our patients and families, we have announced an online immersive and engaging treatment program to enable everyone to achieve their recovery goals.

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Google Reviews

Mashal Al Barwani

Dec 5, 2018

Overall Very good rehab. However would be so much better and easier to settle in, Had the rules and regulations towards the clients been a little bit more lenient.

Andrew Lim Soon Huat

Dec 5, 2018

Life changing.

Shahman Datura

Dec 5, 2018

Very loving and caring, has helped me a lot with changing my lifestyle and being able to communicate with people.

Skylas World

Dec 5, 2018

This place has saved my life.i am from canada and my life has been a complete nightmare until I found solace.i was not able to stop doing drugs .the programs provided my solace has given me the ability to get my life back.thank you solace to all you have done for me.i am forever grateful for the continues support.

Suresh Kumar

Dec 5, 2018

A wonderful place to treat a person with addiction. The staff are wonderful and there is a "genuine" feeling here. Very well staffed so everyone gets their indivual attention. Never thought such a service is available in Malaysia!

Olaf Ulonska

Dec 5, 2018

This treatment is working. So work it ! You are worth it . Very clear and honest staff . Super set up for a life without SUD and other addictions.

F. Delgado Ada

Dec 5, 2018

I was ready to leave in the first week as I felt that I was still in denial. My family convinced me to give the program another chance. The clinical staffs really gave me an individualized attention. They manage to convinced me and showed me that the addiction really has taken my life away. They worked on my underlying issues and I came out from it. The experience saved my life and set me on a path that have allowed me to be the person I was meant to be. Wonderful sessions in group and one on one counselling.

William T

Dec 5, 2018

My daughter’s overall experience here has been very enriching. The people in Solace Asia were very kind and took the time to talk to us and show us what program was best for her. They talked to me a lot and gave me updates on her progress. I have seen a real change in my daughter’s behavior and I'm glad we went here.

Emeli Mathieu

Dec 2, 2016

Solace really saved my life. I was not sure about going to treatment in an unknown location but once I arrived I didn’t want to leave. I was surprised to know some of the clinical staffs are Singaporeans and I felt closer to home. The clinical team was very caring and professional and the treatment center is beautiful. The aftercare team stayed in touch with me every month now after I completed the program. Out there, I know I am not alone. I’m almost a year sober now and the only regret I have was how wished I had gone sooner to Solace Asia.

Vlad Shirkov

Dec 2, 2016

Solace Asia treatment methods was quite good for me. Once I left, they added me to their private Alumni group and I still keep in touch with a lot of the people I was in treatment with. Beautiful environment, amazing clinical staffs and awesome nature activities. I really enjoyed the white water rafting and the wildlife exploration. The program definitely changed my perspective in life. I now have hope for the future - for the first time in years..

Dawn B. Reese

Dec 1, 2016

If you know of someone who is suffering from addiction, this is the place to send them. Wonderful facility! I have researched prior to sending my son there. He was so into drugs but Alhamdulillah he was strong enough to recover. Saya merekomendasikan Solace Asia kepada semua teman!

W Connie

Nov 24, 2016

(Original) Saya hanya ingin mengabari bahwa perkembangan saya sangat baik. Program Solace Asia mengajarkan saya tentang penerimaan diri. Dengan mengerjakan langkah-langkah Solace, saya dapat menempatkan pemulihan saya segagai proritas utama.

(Translated) I just want to let you know that my development is very good. The Solace Asia program taught me about self-acceptance. By working on Solace's steps, I can put my recovery as a top priority.

George L. Dashner

Nov 19, 2016

(Original) Perkembangan saya sangat baik sekarang. Saya benar-benar merasa tidak tertarik lagi pada bahan narkotik dan sangat menikmati waktu dengan keluarga saat ini. Terima kasih banyak Solace Asia! Saya akhirnya bisa menikmati hidup dengan tenang & bahagia seperti dulu.

(Translated) My development is very good now. I really feel I'm not interested in narcotics anymore and really enjoy my family now. Thank you very much Solace Asia! I was finally able to enjoy life calmly & happily as before.

Miki Allman

Nov 14, 2016

(Original) Program Solace Asia memberikan saya dukungan dan arahan untuk dapat pulih dari adiksi aktif saya. Mempraktekkan program Solace dalam hidup saya sehari-hari membuat suatu perbedaan antara pemulihan yang seimbang dengan hanya sekedar berhenti memakai. Saya kini merasa jauh lebih positive dan akan terus berusaha untuk agar kondisi pikiran dan mental saya semakin baik dan baik lagi. Amin. Semoga saya mampu.

(Translated) The Solace Asia program gives me support and direction to recover from my active addiction. Practicing the Solace program in my daily life makes a difference between a balanced recovery and just stopping using it. I now feel much more positive and will continue to strive to make my mind and mental condition better and better. Amen. I hope I can.

Justa Chong

Nov 14, 2016

What I like about the people that work here are very welcoming and most importantly they don't look at and treat you as an addict! They really do try their best to help a person out. One of the best decision to send my son here. He is now sober and motivated to continue his studies and appreciate life better. Didn't know such services like this exist in KK city!

Michael Hutson

Nov 13, 2016

All of the Solace staffs are very welcoming and attentive to all client needs. Beautiful and serene location. They have a superb clinically trained my experience at Solace Asia. I learned so much recovery tools in a short period of time. Great food and most importantly great life lessons and program.

Errol Madsen

Nov 8, 2016

I was very impressed with the program that Solace Asia provided for me. The entire clinical staff is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The counselors focussed on the deepest issues I had and camp up with a personal plan for me to tackle these. It was definitely a great new experience for me as I learned how to deal with sobriety and the hardships that I may face going into unhealthy environments when leaving treatment program. I would certainly recommend this center to Singaporeans!

Mackey Mark

Nov 8, 2016

Solace Sabah really worked with me every step of the way and personalized my recovery program around my needs. The clinical team and staffs were excellent and very supportive. Definitely loved how everything went smooth and the recovery process is inspiring for me to stay sober.

Mikheev Artem

Nov 1, 2016

Solace Sabah definitely helped me overcome my drug addiction. I couldn't control my addictive habit anymore and that's when I decided get help. I was able to chose the program I wanted when I registered. I believe that a tailor-made program really helped me become sober. The clinical team was very helpful during my process and were patient with me whenever I had difficulties processing my emotions. The food there was superb and during my recovery I made many recovering international friends that I now still stay in touch. Being a Solace alumni now I would definitely recommend Solace Sabah to my friends and family.

Kim Wheeler

Oct 28, 2016

I would like to say what a great rehab this was for my son. Before coming to Solace Sabah, he had been through several programs with no long-term success. After being hospitalized for the third time, we had very little hope. The staff here was very friendly and professional. They took great care of him throughout the detox process. This treatment program was different than the rest because they educate not only the addict but the family members as well about drug addiction and codependency. My son got out with all the tools he needs to stay clean. He is one year plus clean today, it wasn't an easy journey, but my family and I feel very confident in his recovery progress and will continue to support him.

Reese Jena

Oct 21, 2016

Let me just say that Solace is an amazing addiction rehab centre that helped save my husband. My husband was a hardcore alcoholic and we had no where else to turn to. This center has a great treatment program and it truly helped. He told me it was an amazing retreat with amazing clinical staffs that are caring and helped him though his recovery. They also have a great 18 months aftercare program where they still check on you every month. I'm so blessed that my husband is able to get his life back on track and live healthy again.

Judith Hawkins

Oct 11, 2016

One of the best drug rehabilitation centre in Malaysia. My Dad went to Solace about 3 months ago and you can see that they truly care for their clients and they are passionate about getting them the care they need. They have wonderful scientific programs and the centre is more like a holiday retreat, one would never ave known its a rehab! I highly suggest checking out this place.

Kit Cathe

Oct 7, 2016

Solace Asia is a very exceptional addiction retreat where they have professionals from around the world to help with your addiction problem! I was in a terrible state before I came here and they help me to reconditioned my mind and taught me the tools that I needed for my recovery. The staffs was friendly and helpful throughout my stay in Kota Kinabalu. Thank you for the wonderful recovery experience!

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