October 4, 2021
Solace Asia

On the first day of March, with well over forty diploma and bachelor’s students in attendance, Dr. Prem Kumar Shanmugam took the stage at the Management and Science University (MSU) of Shah Alam, Malaysia, to lecture the undergraduates pursuing a counseling and psychology degree.

Part of a long series of public events scheduled for the year 2019, the insightful presentation lasted two hours, during which Dr. Prem shared key aspects in understanding substance abuse and addiction in the nation. The students were given insights on national statistics on substance abuse disorders, the biological, psychosocial and cultural cause factors leading to addiction in Malaysia and the effectiveness of the evidence based biopsychosocialspiritual treatment approach Solace operates.

Recognized in the country and internationally as a prominent figure in the treatment of those suffering from the chronic disorder of addiction, Dr. Prem Kumar Shanmugam and Solace Sabah, are responsible for having successfully treated over 300 individuals from all over the world, suffering from different kinds of addictions.

Founded in 2014 by Dr. Prem Kumar Shanmugam, Solace Sabah is Malaysia’s first private international addiction treatment retreat where the latest and most cutting edge, evidence and outcome-based treatment services are available to those in need. Solace Sabah is also responsible for the launching of “Sanctuary”, a community project located in Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, where help is available to those suffering from addiction from the lower income bracket, but offering the same treatment program.

Further information are available at: www.solaceasia.org or www.sanctuary.org.my

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