Addiction in the Workplace: When Your Employee Struggles with an Addiction…

December 23, 2021
Solace Asia

The majority of individuals who struggle with a substance addiction are employed. If you employ or manage employees for long enough, you are likely to encounter addiction in your own workplace. Here are six recommendations for how to approach the situation.

1. Know the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol addiction. See our previous blog post here. 
2. Be sure to talk to the employee directly and not rely on second hand information. If needed, confirm the situation with a drug or alcohol test.
3. Once the matter has come to your attention, remove the employee from any work that could pose a safety threat.
4. Communicate with the employee your expectations for continuing to work or returning to work after rehabilitation, as indicated.
5. Point your employee in the direction of professional help. 

A corporate wellness program provides services and resources for employees to cope with a wide array of personal concerns, including substance abuse and addiction. Even if your company cannot hire on-site professionals to provide counseling services or treatment for addiction, contracting with an outside company is a great solution!

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