July 27, 2020
Solace Asia

Despite the general belief that most humans prefer the solitary life, we are fundamentally social creatures. Social interactions hold substantial importance for our mental health and we are most comfortable when we’re connected to others.

With the Covid-19 pandemic restricting us within the walls of our homes, something of fundamental importance to our mental health has been taken away from us, social connections that is.  

Epidemiologists on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic around the world, have warned that the next wave will be that of mental illness. Stress, depression, anxiety, grief, trauma, paranoia, are all mental conditions likely to affect humans that are in isolation, dealing with the financial struggles, job-loss, the loss of a loved one and the uncertainty that this crisis has brought upon us.

With social distancing measures expected to remain in place for the months to come and a second wave of the virus on the horizon, people’s mental state will experience further detriment and those with a pre-existing history of mental illness are at greater risk.

Authorities are encouraging those facing mental health challenges to seek professional support, however Malaysians in general are often confused over where to seek help, and a lack of manpower among mental health professionals in the country it’s also part of the cause.

In view of the struggles many are facing, Solace is responding to the help call by putting together a team of mental health professionals available to offer online support to those in need, in what will be the first online psychotherapy platform in the country, delivering customizable scientific treatment programs to those in isolation, while in the comfort of their couch.

The situation is similar in the United States, and here is an article that speaks about what options are available

As a sister organization of Solace Asia Sdn. Bhd, Malaysia’s first private addiction rehabilitation center established in 2014 by Dr. Prem Kumar Shanmugam, the soon to be launched online psychotherapy platform will be proud to offer years of combined experience at the forefront of mental health treatment in the country, for the benefit of those in need of support. Stay tuned!

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