Drug Addiction Fact vs. Fiction

September 4, 2021
Solace Asia

Though we hear about drug addiction in the media and even displayed in movies or on television, there are many aspects of drug addiction that are misunderstood in our modern society. Let’s take a look at some common ideas surrounding drug addiction and parse out fact versus fiction. 

1. Drug addiction is a choice. 

Fiction! The decision to begin taking a drug may be a choice but addiction is not a choice. Factors such as biology, family history, and genetics play key roles in how an individual will respond to initial drug use. While some people can use a drug multiple times without any addiction, others may show signs of addiction from the initial use. 

2. Prescription drugs prescribed by a doctor can be very dangerous

Fact! Just because a medication is prescribed by a medical doctor for a good use does not mean that it could not lead to addiction. It is important to know that all medications have side effects and some can lead to dependency very easily. 

3. Brain chemicals play a huge role in drug addiction

Fact! The brain’s “reward circuit” is largely to blame for addiction since surges of the chemical dopamine are released in response to pleasurable, but often unhealthy, activities such as drug use. The longer duration of drug the more that is needed for the same release of dopamine. 

4. Individuals with drug addiction will not seek help until they hit rock bottom. 

Fiction! This is a dangerous myth because it may lead family and friends to allow their loved one to go deeper and deeper into drug addiction and the ramifications of such before suggesting help. The sooner you seek professional help, the better and no time is too early. If your loved one is struggling with drug addiction, contact Solace Asia today at 012.885.4686.

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