Early Signs of Addiction

July 1, 2021
Solace Asia

Unlike illicit drugs, alcohol is a substance that can be consumed and even enjoyed in moderation but because of this it may be more difficult to identify when it has become a problem. Whether you are concerned about your own alcohol tendencies or that of a loved one, it is beneficial to know some of the early warning signs of an alcohol addiction, in order to prevent further harm. 

1. Strong urges or cravings to drink

Plus the inhibility to think about other things until getting a drink.

2. Spending a significant portion of time on drinking

The actual drinking as well as purchasing alcohol and recovering from drinking. All of this time spent is leading to the neglect of previously enjoyed activities.

3. Alcohol use is negatively impacting responsibilities

Whether at work, school, and/or home. This often causes tension in relationships. 

4. Experiencing withdrawal symptoms

(tremors, difficulty sleeping, anxiety, depression, nausea, sweating, etc.) once the effects of alcohol wear off. 

5. Unsuccessful attempts to reduce alcohol consumption

Despite attempting and planning to cut back on alcohol intake. 

6. Continuing to drink

Even when it is causing physical problems such as damage to the liver, brain, immune system, pancreas, etc.  

7. Legal issues

Such as being arrested for drunk driving or public intoxication. 

If you or someone you love are exhibiting any of these warning signs, now is the time to reach out for help. Contact Solace Asia today at 012.885.4686. 

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