Eels, opioid deaths and caffeine in Thames: A watch out call

October 4, 2021
Solace Asia

Imagine this: the lord of death has arrived and is in a mood to award you a boon. It tells you, “Dear…, your time in the world is up. But given that I am on a high, I am letting you live. But death will come to you nonetheless. You can either die by overdose of opioids or by a motor vehicle crash. The choice is yours!” And the deity simply disappears.

After reading this report sculpted from data harvested in 2017; which is applicable to US only, I would strongly recommend that you opt for the latter. Because, if you intend to enhance the chance of living a bit longer (and if you are in US), it is better that you take the road and stay as far away as possible from drugs.

This is because, for the first time in the history of US, a person is more likely to die from an accidental opioid overdose than from a motor vehicle crash, according to National Safety Council analysis: in fact the odds of dying accidentally from an opioid overdose have risen to one in 96 compared to one in 103 for vehicle crashes.

“We’ve made significant strides in overall longevity in the United States, but we are dying from things typically called accidents at rates we haven’t seen in half a century,” said Ken Kolosh, manager of statistics at NSC or National Safety Council.

What does this tell about the global society we live in?

We have always been told that the indoors is far better than outdoors in terms of safety and security. But times have changed. Staying indoors with face-to-face communication getting replaced by facebook communication or for that matter, any other social media communication, has seen to it that we are just sitting ducks for otherwise common familial issues leading to a dangerous spiraling of addiction.

The world is increasingly getting smaller because we are rapidly connecting ourselves with the wider world. But in doing so, are we also getting small: our minds and our attitudes; the horizon that stretches into that vast empty space, to where the likes of Columbus and Magellan dared to venture into in a show of extreme bravado: is it shrinking, too?

If we have food delivery apps for lunch, why cannot we also have drugs delivered in the shrunken world?

Last year, London, alongside Berlin and New York were named places where you can get drugs delivered faster than a delivery of Pizza. The dark net is increasingly facilitating the sale of drugs with anonymity and encryption facilitated by the current communication apps.

And with caffeine and cocaine levels getting enhanced in rivers like Thames, with arguments for eels getting a high, perhaps, it is time for us to mend our ways.

Yes, the world is a convenient place to live. It is, perhaps the best times in the history of humanity that we are living. And technology is helping us do so.

It does not fail us, but let us not fail it and fail as human beings.

Die another day, let’s!

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