Encouraging Words for Someone in Addiction Rehabilitation

November 18, 2021
Solace Asia

If your loved one has taken the critical step of entering a rehabilitation program for their substance abuse or other form of addiction, this is an amazing feat! Perhaps, you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders now that they are receiving the professional and appropriate support that they need to overcome this struggle. You may be left, thinking, “Now what?” How do I continue to love and support them in this next phase of their journey. Let’s start with some encouraging words! 

5 Encouragements for Someone in Addiction Rehabilitation 

1. “I am here for you.”

Assure your loved one that you are still their #1 fan and advocate even though you are not the one administering their treatment. It can be a great encouragement to know that you have someone or a group of friends and family that are rooting you on even if they are not directly involved in the treatment process. 

2. “How can I best support you right now?”

Though you cannot provide professional counseling or a treatment program for your loved one, you can certainly offer to help and assist them in other ways. Perhaps, they need childcare while they are in therapy sessions. Maybe a meal delivered to their home would be one less task on their to-do list. Offering to help with mundane chores might just lift their spirits and ease their load!

3. “I am proud of you.” 

Many times when someone enters a rehabilitation program, they are admitting that they cannot conquer this addiction on their own. While it is a wonderful thing to admit you need help and seek out professional treatment, it is not an easy decision or place to be. Encourage your loved one that you are proud of this step they are making toward their recovery!

4. “What has been hard for you?”

It is okay to ask your loved one about the difficult points of rehabilitation in addition to the high points! While there is much hope and freedom in overcoming an addiction, that does not mean it is easy. Allow your loved one the space and time to debrief both the good and the bad about their journey.

5. “I believe in you.”

Assure your loved one that you believe that they can make it through this journey and overcome their struggle. There may be bumps in the road that can lead them to doubt if they have the ability to continue, but you can encourage them that recovery is possible and they just need to take it one step at a time.
If your loved one is struggling with an addiction and is not yet receiving professional help, you can encourage them to contact Solace Asia at 012.885.4686 today.

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