January 18, 2020
Solace Asia

International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking is observed  yearly on 26th of June. To commemorate this significant day in 2019, Emeritus - Addiction Studies in collaboration with Solace and the Asia Metropolitan University, have organized the International Recovery Conference(IRC 2019) from the 17th -19th of June, at the Equatorial Hotel in the Unesco World Heritage city of Malacca.


More than 120 participants from 15 different countries, came together with the common goal to continuously raise awareness against substance abuse and the disease of addiction. The engaging event program allowed the attending academicians and addiction professionals to share their success recovery cases as well as the challenges faced in helping others establish a safe and healthy lifestyle.


Among the speakers was, Solace CEO & Clinical Director Dr. Prem Kumar Shanmugam, who took the stage to present on the topic of co-dependency.Well received by the attendees, Dr. Prem continued to share some of the most significant success recovery cases achieved in Solace thanks to the Bio Psycho Social Spiritual treatment model employed by Solace clinicians, that captures and heals the essential life quadrants of a person inundated by the brain disease of addiction.


Throughout the three days program the Solace’s team showcased and shared with local and foreign addiction professionals, the outstanding work Solace has done to date, helping those tormented by the disease.


The gathering was also marked by an exciting sightseeing tour of Malacca as well as other entertainment opportunities joined by numerous participants, that positively impacted the joyful celebrations of addiction recovery. Thrilling performances from fellow attending members and an exciting dinner supported by Solace concluded the event, with the promise to continue in the effort to eradicate substance abuse by providing the most cutting-edge addiction treatment services available to date. 

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