May 8, 2020
Solace Asia

The Coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world, with over 500,000 cases reported and continues to escalate in many countries. In Malaysia, we have over 2,000 cases and the country has enacted the Movement Control Order (MCO), which restricts citizens from only receiving essential needs while most of the country is shutdown, to slow down the virus from spreading.

It is a new way of life for all, two weeks into the MCO and Solace Asia, a private local addiction rehab accredited by AADK, focusing on drug, alcohol, sex addictions including eating disorders which has been in service since 2014, has now launched a completely online addiction treatment service simply called “Solace Online” to specifically help addicts as they are at a greater physical risk for the coronavirus as well. They often have weak immune systems and higher rates of infections and mandated self-isolation doesn’t work too well for the addicted, as social support is a key recovery element.

Dr. Prem Kumar Shanmugam, Clinical Director stated “Solace has always placed our clients first in all decisions we make. We believe that practicing passionate science by passionate people as being the secret to our success. We understand with the current MCO it can be a struggle managing the dynamics at home. Especially for those who suffer from addictions and may start experiencing withdrawals, both emotional and physical while family members will be going through the stress and anxiety of managing the situation. This has also helped us bring treatment costs down to ensure more people can benefit from treatment and do not have to suffer any longer”.

Niels Klok, Clinical Manager at the Solace also added, “Now is the time we need to bring treatment to you when you cannot come to us. For this specific reason, our clinical team has brainstormed and come up with the perfect solution, Solace Online Virtual Recovery Programme. This outpatient program is clinically structured to be delivered through our online platforms virtually to you while you are at home”.

All the aspects of residential treatment are incorporated into this program and Solace Asia endeavors to deliver it with the assurance that patients are now in a protected environment at home. It is important that all of us work together, treatment providers and families not only against the virus but also against addiction, which has also been a problem for a long time in our society. More information about the Solace Online Program can be found HERE or by calling their admissions team at +6012 885 4686 (Marco).

Name: Mr. Marco
Tel: 012 885 4686

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