Sanctuary Foundation Contributes RM 3 Million Subsidy to Treat Addiction—A Win for Malaysians

June 30, 2023
Solace Asia

Solace Asia, Malaysia’s premier drug rehabilitation centre, is making a substantial stride in its mission to help people break free from addiction. In answering the national challenge of addiction treatment. Solace Asia has pledged to provide an annual treatment subsidy of RM 3 Million to fellow Malaysians seeking treatment. 

Under the leadership of Adj Prof Dr Prem Shanmugam, who triumphed over addiction and dedicated his life to helping others do the same, Solace Asia offers a unique, holistic approach to recovery. Established since 2013, his team of clinicians have been working relentlessly to aid the global community in empowering themselves in the journey of recovery. 

The funding initiative targets Malaysians struggling with substance and behavioural addictions, providing a lifeline to those unable to afford necessary professional help. Solace Asia has been actively creating social impact and this initiative is directly responding to the national call to action - as Malaysia grapples with an alarming rise in addiction-related health challenges

Furthermore, it reflects the ethos of Solace Asia - everyone seeking recovery should receive treatment. The provision of scholarship funds to create opportunities for the general public to receive addiction treatment is open to all Malaysians residing in Malaysia. This nationwide program broadens the path to recovery for financially disadvantaged Malaysians, ensuring quality help is within their reach.

Integral to this initiative is the provision of a complimentary assessment for all inquiries. This initial consultation serves as a catalyst to recovery, encouraging individuals to reach out and seek help, irrespective of their financial status.

To ensure the subsidies reach those who need them the most, the Sanctuary program has implemented a qualifying process which will be conducted by administrators. This method ensures the aid is directed effectively, creating a system that is both inclusive and accountable.

Moreover, this initiative aligns with and bolsters the government's efforts to confront addiction and its related societal issues. By contributing RM 3 million to this cause, Solace Asia, takes a more firm stand against a pressing national concern. The RM 3 million subsidy represents more than financial aid—it is a beacon of hope and a gateway to recovery, symbolising a brighter future for Malaysians grappling with addiction.

Solace Asia is contributing towards a society where compassion, support, and recovery are paramount. This investment in the health and well-being of Malaysians is a testament to the belief that together, we can make a significant difference in battling addiction and related societal issues.

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