Signs of a Drug Addiction

September 4, 2021
Solace Asia

Most of the portrayals of drug addiction that we see in the media are extremely overt and anyone walking down the street could identify the individual’s struggle. In reality, drug addiction can be very covert and those closest to the struggling individual may not be able to readily identify that there is a problem, at least at first. Since early intervention is critical to reduce the impact on life, relationships, and work, identifying early signs of a drug addiction is imperative. 

Here are some of the signs of a drug addiction in yourself: 

1. Continuing use of a drug after it is no longer needed for a medical problem

2. Needing more of a drug to have the same effect as before

3. Feeling strange when the drug wears off (dizziness, shaky, depressed, headache, etc.) 

4. Sleeping more or less than before

5. Losing interest in things once enjoyed

6. Difficulty completing normal tasks

7. Trouble getting along with family, friends, and coworkers

8. Being consumed with how to get more drugs, even to the point of stealing

Here are some of the signs of a drug addiction in someone else: 

1. Changes in mood and personality

2. Increased irritability

3. Bloodshot eyes

4. Nose bleeds 

5. Shaking and tremors

6. Changes in routines and activities

7. Unusual need for money

If you or your loved one are showing any of these signs of a drug addiction, contact Solace Asia today at 012.885.4686.

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