January 14, 2020
Solace Asia

At Solace, we are familiar with the everyday life commitments, that prevents someone from seeking the help they deserve. Enrolling in a residential addiction treatment recovery program often means taking a break from family and career responsibilities.

For those unable to allocate time away from their daily obligations, Solace has designed an Outpatient Treatment Program (O.P) that allows those struggling with addiction to benefit from a scientific treatment approach at their time and pace.

For a period of 12 weeks, those seeking recovery will be under the care and guidance of accredited addiction professionals, benefiting from structured and customized sessions at flexible times, including:

  • Individual therapy sessions
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Intake and     assessment          
  • Discharge and recommendations
  • Couple/ Family session – Pre &     post-treatment evaluations
  • Assignments and homework customized to     specific needs
  • Structure-based on researched and Evidence-Based Practice (EBP)
  • Lectures & Educational Workshops

Pre-admission evaluations are conducted to identify motivation and readiness for admission into the O.P to ensure treatment outcomes are optimized.

We believe that everyone must be given the opportunity to get well and recover. During the O.P, clients can balance their domestic life with treatment, attend therapy at their preferred time and return home for the day.

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