April 11, 2018
Solace Asia

On Friday 06th of April 2018, Solace Sabah celebrated its 4th year in operation since its establishment. The birthday party, celebrated at the Hyatt Hotel in Kota Kinabalu, was attended by all the employees as well as the management team. 

“4 years of successfully treating addictions in Malaysia” was the night’s motto, for an event that saw all those attending, indulging in a scrumptious meal together followed by fun activities like karaoke sessions, cultural dances and lucky draws.  

 CEO & Clinical Director Dr. Prem Shanmugam took the center stage to thank all those who have contributed to the growth of Solace Sabah and have aided in its mission to battle and eradicate addictions locally and internationally. 

Dr. Prem also highlighted the challenges Solace had to face in order to become Asia’s Leading Addiction Treatment Center and how hard work, combined with commitment and a vision, can achieve almost anything. 

While still a young organization, Solace Sabah clinical team and management do carry decades of combined experience in the field of addiction therapies, making Solace Sabah the number one choice for those seeking a way out of their addiction within a peaceful environment, where quality of treatment and recovery are the main focus.

Happy 4th Birthday Solace Sabah !!

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