The Solace Continuum: Unique and Scientific Aftercare Program

October 4, 2021
Solace Asia

Addiction is a state of statelessness.

Addiction treatment and care, even as it helps to find the rhythm of your life, always runs the risk you going back to the state of chaos. It has a name: relapse. And at Solace Asia, it has a solution; it has a phrase: The Solace Continuum.

Care experts agree that when it comes to sobriety, the first year is the toughest to manage. Gnawing temptations, soft nudges from so-called friends who may be in active addiction, a few lingering memories, any of one of these or more can cause the edifice of your recovery to turn into mere rubbles. And before you know, that syringe would have pierced your skin or that glass of man-drinking-drink would have taken you back to square one or worse, knocked you out of game. Living for life again becomes a mirage.

When you are at the facility, sobriety could be your second nature, but when you leave it, the picture changes as you would be far, far away from the place of Solace and at risk of running addiction again.

The Solace Continuum is intended to prevent this from happening. It is an arrangement mostly online, but not entirely. The primary objective of the eighteen month Continuum is to keep you within the radar range of recovery. Why specifically eighteen months? Because studies tell us this is the most important time frame to gain good recovery. With both online support and face to face, there is a variety of methods employed to ensure support is available.

Here ex-patients will be able to meet with others in the continuum. Issues that have arisen over the week as well as discussion on selected reading materials will form the basis of the online discussion forum.

There are also exercises: weekly exercises, which will be sent and assessed by the continuum clinical team comprising both RSCs (Recovery Support Coaches) and a Continuum Counsellor.

If necessary, on-site (Solace) counsellors’ services could be invoked on a one-on-one basis on Skype or Google Hangouts. And if required, referral clinics in the locality can also be approached for help; Solace can refer you to outpatient clinics, located worldwide so that you have continuity with ongoing therapy that’s necessary for lifelong healing.

Solace Continuum also helps you find and mingle with Self-Help Group in your locality. Solace will connect you with 12-step fellowships around the world, specifically ones closest to or in your own hometown so that you could use the fellowship to grow in your recovery.

And above all, Solace also assists you with finding and liaising with a mentor dedicated to helping you, someone in your community, to assist you in your recovery program. It’s always helpful to have the companionship and support of another person as you trudge down this road of self-discovery.

The idea is to help everyone ‘live for life’.

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Why Choose Us?

Our values make us the best addiction treatment facility in the region.


We offer addiction treatment services to clients and their families. As the first private residential rehab in Malaysia, we set the benchmark for ethical treatment.


We have the ability to provide treatment not only in English, but also Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Cantonese and even Arabic! We are truly local yet global.


All our treatment has the Asian culture embedded in our modalities. We are 100% locally owned and operated agency, every center in Asia are owned by expatriates.


We don't only do Addiction Treatment, we also teach it! We are a NAADAC Approved Education Provider. We are also on Udemy, the worlds largest education platform.

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