Tramadol Addiction Treatment at Solace Asia

October 4, 2021

Tramadol functions as an opioid analgesic. It's a painkiller. It releases opioids such as endorphins into the user. Dependency to the drug can cause lifelong addiction. It's known by its market name "Ultracet" and "UltramER." When it's mixed with Acetaminophen, it becomes "Tylenol."

Many addicts throughout the Middle East have started to abuse tramadol. The National UAE reported that tramadol has emerged as a drug of choice in the country. The news agency also quoted the director of the National Rehabilitation centre.  He was reported to have said that 240 out of 400 patients are abusing this drug. That's about more than half of the addicts in treatment. For more information on the news item by The National UAE.

Also, according to Arab News, Saudi customs apprehended a passenger in 2016. This happened at Yanbu airport.  He was reported to have 7,050 tramadol pills in his keeping. It was hidden inside frozen meat. The news agency reported that proper procedures have been taken against the passenger.

Why the abuse? Many addicts in the region state that it's because Tramadol is easy to find. What's more, it's readily available for consumption. Also, as a legitimate medicine, it's not considered an illegal drug. It has less dire consequences than taking hard drugs like heroin or marijuana.

Tramadol Treatment

At Solace Sabah, our patients will get proper treatment for tramadol. Withdrawals can be a difficult time for addicts because the effects of abuse are nasty. The body has been overwhelmed by the abuse of tramadol. It will take time to recover from the dependency. We’ve written an article about why you shouldn’t withdraw from tramadol on your own. Take a look at it by clicking on: “Why stopping tramadol at home is not a good idea”, for more information.

But, we make this process painless for our clients. It's because we practice medical detoxification. At Solace Sabah, our clients are taken to Kota Kinabalu's premier hospital. There, we have employed professional doctors and medical staff to take care of you. Our detoxification procedures follow TIP45. This is approved by SAMHSA. It's an internationally recognised procedure. You or a loved one will receive detoxification on par with worldwide standards.

How to get rid of Tramadol addiction

The tramadol may be out of your system after detoxification. But, for the addiction, you will need treatment. At Solace Sabah, we treat addiction to tramadol through a holistic process.

We target the addiction from all angles. Leaving nothing out. We call this model the "Biopsychosociospiritual" model of treatment. Using this model, clients will get therapy for their psychological issues. Medicines, physical fitness, and proper nutritional training will help you physically.  Peer support and feedback will form the social element. Finally, the spiritual part will be the process of individual change.

Treatment will include various therapies such as CBT and DBT. CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) targets feelings, and behaviours, as well as thoughts. It helps to change unhelpful thoughts through providing helpful solutions. Whereas DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy) targets unhealthy behaviours in our clients.

All this will be conducted by our professional clinicians. They are from the U.K., U.S., South Africa, and Europe. They've had experience and high-quality training in addiction treatment.

What's more, we will also take you on fun outings and adventures. Our staff are passionate about your well-being. You will be looked after well. In the process, you will learn how to live life, tramadol-free.

We care about your continual care as addiction is a chronic disease. For further information, call us. We will always be glad to help you.

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