Solace continues to provide world class treatment with the highest safety standards during this pandemic.

Coronavirus safety at SOLACE ASIA

At Solace, our main focus is putting our clients health first and creating a place of safety for anyone seeking addiction treatment. Therefore, we continue to closely monitor the COVID19 situation internationally.

Our Safety Measures:

Malaysia has an extremely low incidence rate of the virus and is still considered a safe place to travel to.

At Solace Asia, we are taking every precaution possible to maintain this and have added extra safety measures to ensure your confidence in staying with us.

- Our remote location protects staff and clients from the risks of infection from public interaction
- We have temporarily restricted entry from high risk countries
- We have a private onsite hospital, used exclusively by our clients
- Clients receive a health and physical examination upon entry
- Clients and staff are monitored daily with temperature checks
- All transportation for clients to and from our site is private
- Clients have private en-suite rooms
- Our housekeeping team continually clean and sanitize all public areas and rooms


Useful Resources:

Local Outbreak Information:

International Outbreak Information:

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