Bath Salts

The growing new trend of drug addiction.

General Information:

Bath Salts or Synthetic Cathinones is a very dangerous and addictive drug, which has nothing to do with bathing as indicated by its name. Bath Salts are made available in the market as a cheap substitute for other stimulants such as Methamphetamine and Cocaine. They are usually available in the form of white or brown crystal-like powder and are also available in small plastic or foil packs with the label “not for human consumption”, “Plant food”, or ”jewelry/ phone screen cleaner” on it. 

Synthetic Cathinones create an overall feeling of stimulation and euphoria, which includes sexual stimulation. This drug has been now legalized by the United States and hence is more easily available for consumption. It is usually snorted, smoked, ingested, or injected. A person who is in the habit of using the drug cannot stop from using it even if it's harmful. The drug is extremely dangerous and has some really adverse effects physically as well as mentally.

6-8 Hours
1-2 Weeks*

Signs and Symptoms:

Withdrawal symptoms of this drug occur once a person has come out of the extended use of it. These symptoms will be as follows: 

●      Intense cravings

●      Anxiety

●      Irritability

●      Depression

●      Decreased memory

●      Problems in concentrating

●      Fatigue

●      Nasal congestion

●      Amnesia

●      Violence

●      Insomnia

Drug Specific Withdrawal Symptoms & How heroin detox center can help

Aggression and violence can occur with addicts who consume this drug as part of their withdrawals.

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