Fuelling Addiction in the middle east.

General Information:

Captagon, originally known as Fenethylline, is a very popular drug which was first introduced in 1961. At the earlier stages, it had been used in the treatment of hyperactivity, depression, and narcolepsy. But, due to its addictive nature, it was banned in most of the countries. It is a very popular drug in the Middle East and many youngsters there are addicted to it. Captagon is a combination of Amphetamines and Theophylline, both of which are active stimulants.

Captagon is available in tablet form and can be easily prepared with legally available materials. Amphetamine drugs trigger the nervous system by increasing energy levels physically as well as mentally. It stimulates alertness and improves confidence. At high dosages it may lead to certain health issues such as:

●      High blood pressure

●      Insomnia

●      Difficulty in urination

●      Nausea

●      Rashes

1 Day*
1-2 Weeks*

Signs and Symptoms:

The withdrawal symptoms of Captagon is almost similar to other stimulants. The withdrawal symptoms are:

●      Stress and Anxiety

●      Depression

●      Headaches

●      Muscle pain and cramps

●      Stomach Pain

Drug Specific Withdrawal Symptoms & How heroin detox center can help

Withdrawals from Captagon usually is filled with extreme exhaustion, intense feelings of dis-ease, headaches, increased appetite, and other disturbed feelings.

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