The most addictive stimulant.

General Information:

Cocaine addiction has highly increased over the years all over the world. It's a powerful and dangerous stimulant, made out of the leaves of the coca plant. It directly affects the brain and the body’s dopamine receptors that are responsible for pleasurable experiences. Cocaine results in short- term euphoria, high energy, talkativeness, and also has hazardous side effects. These effects are high blood pressure and an increase in heart rate, to name a few. 

Usually, Cocaine or "Coke" is used in 3 ways - snorting, smoking , or injecting. The intensity and duration of the drug depends on how it is used. For sustained pleasure, people use it again and again in short intervals of time in high dosages, which results in addiction. Addiction to Cocaine is highly dangerous to one's health. 

6 Months - 2 Years

Signs and Symptoms:

●      Increased cravings for high / low dosages

●      Depression

●      Anxiety

●      Fatigue

●      Less concentration

●      Body chills

●      Aches / pains

●      Tremors

●      Unpleasant dreams

●      Weight loss

●      Hallucinations

Drug Specific Withdrawal Symptoms & How heroin detox center can help

Withdrawals may even lead to suicidal tendencies in certain people. Cocaine addiction leaves the addict with fatigue, anhedonia (lack of pleasure), anxiety, irritability, sleepiness, extreme fatigue, and paranoia.

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