Sober Living functions as a safe and temporary living space for those who have completed our addiction treatment program

What is Sober Living? 

The Solace Sober Living Home functions as a safe and temporary living space for those who have completed our addiction treatment program, be it residential or outpatient, and are keen to re-enter society.

At times, adjusting back to a daily life in recovery may require some extra preparation. The newly established Solace Sober Living Home, offers the ideal environment to those who wish to practice and put to use the skills acquired during treatment. In other words, the Sober Living Home functions as a supportive and passing transitional environment between the addiction rehabilitation program and ordinary society.

What to Expect

Managed and overseen by the same renowned team of Solace Asia’s addiction professionals, the Sober Living Home offers a less restrictive living environment that differs from the Solace treatment facility. Although residents are free to come and go from the house as they please, there are still rules and regulations they must abide to, such as curfews and meetings attendance.

Once a person in recovery returns home from the treatment facility without spending some time in a transitional environment, he or she might often find themselves in isolation. The importance of taking some time to live in a supervised and sober environment post treatment, will further help in creating a structured daily life routine, that will reinforce the desire to stay sober and abstain from alcohol and substances. 

If you have any concerns about staying sober once you have left the treatment facility, a transitional living period in the Solace Sober Living Home, combined with a customized post – treatment discharge plan, might be your best option to ensure you get to enjoy a long-lasting addiction recovery.

We look forward to be of further support and safeguard your wellbeing. To enquire, write us at or call us at +60333100145.

The Solace Sober Living Home is also open to those attending outpatient treatment, those seeking non-treatment alternatives for recovery, and those entering the community after criminal justice incarceration.

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Why Choose Us?

Our values make us the best addiction treatment facility in the region.


We offer addiction treatment services to clients and their families. As the first private residential rehab in Malaysia, we set the benchmark for ethical treatment.


We have the ability to provide treatment not only in English, but also Bahasa Melayu, Mandarin, Cantonese and even Arabic! We are truly local yet global.


All our treatment has the Asian culture embedded in our modalities. We are 100% locally owned and operated agency, every center in Asia are owned by expatriates.


We don't only do Addiction Treatment, we also teach it! We are a NAADAC Approved Education Provider. We are also on Udemy, the worlds largest education platform.

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