Drug addiction among young people / Adolescents in the Middle East.

October 4, 2021
Solace Asia

Youths in the Middle East, face a mental health crisis. But, local attitudes towards mental health are scornful and judgmental. This is due to the conservative nature of Middle Eastern states. They would rather punish, than treat, mental problems. In the case of drug addiction, punishments meted are harsh and in some places, fatal. The warning sign is out, the Middle East is not a safe haven for youths who have addictions.

Addicted youths do not form a minority in the Middle East. They are simply a silent majority. Silence due to stigma and shame around their disease. There is a rise in the taking of drugs such as captagon, which is a type of amphetamine type stimulant (ATS). Other drugs taken here by youths include, but are not limited to hashish, marijuana, and khat.

Addiction among young people / adolescents in the Middle East.

Captagon, made from "fenethylline" is an amphetamine type stimulant (ATS). We've written about this drug. To know more about it, please click on this link.  It's popular among Middle-Eastern youth. According to the Middle East Monitor, Here two reasons why that is:

First of all, with the rise in obesity among youths, Captagon has been able to increase weight loss. So, being conscious of body image, adolescents in the Middle East have resorted to taking the drug.

Next, middle eastern youths have trouble managing their time. They socialise till late. Yet, they need to rise early for school or university classes. Captagon allows them to focus on their work without much sleep. Its allure for the youth is its ability to help them fit into their schedule.

A few other reasons why the youth of this region take drugs, are as follows:

Captagon, as with other drugs are popular among youths because they are. Youths do not gather in isolation. They are surrounded by peers who are using. Out of peer pressure, many do submit to trying drugs, simply to fit in. Thus, social pressure forms a very important factor to drug abuse.

Youth rebellion is not a crime, but a natural process of development. It's at this stage, that individuals learn that they are different from their parents. Youths may take drugs as a means to differentiate themselves from their parents. In the Middle East, where youth expectations to conform are high, drugs become a means to rebel.

Last but not least, youths will develop tolerance over drugs. This happens because the midbrain reduces the amount of dopamine receptors. When this happens, drug users have to increase the amount for a greater high. It's at this point that addiction develops as a disease of the midbrain. Over time, drug reliance will become addiction. It becomes a disease and thus, addicts need to be treated as patients, not criminals.

Once addicted, addicted youths will need treatment to get better. It's not their fault that they can't stop, without treatment. No addict can stop using. Just as no diabetic can increase blood sugar levels. Or cancer patient can get rid of the cancerous cell by sheer willpower. Without proper help, there is no way an addict can stop the addiction. They need treatment, which is why we are here to help.

Treating addiction at Solace Sabah

To treat addiction, we need to treat the addict. Addicts use drugs because they do not have the tools for living life without drugs. At Solace Sabah, we teach our clients how to live life without resorting to addiction. We start with a medical detoxification at our local hospital. Here, we separate the addict from his/her addiction. Physical separation will create withdrawal effects, to which proper medical intervention is needed.

This process could result in death if not dealt with professionally. We are removing a survival mechanism from the addict. It's a very delicate process akin to removing a breathing apparatus. That's because the addict has been using the addiction as a tool for surviving life. For more information, take a look at our article on "Detoxification at Solace Sabah."

After detoxification, we welcome our clients for treatment at our facility. Here, we treat the addictive thinking. We have an international team of clinicians from the U.K., U.S., Europe, and South Africa. We use a various mix of therapies catered to individual needs. We use the DSM-V as a reference manual for all our cases. This is a worldwide manual for treating all mental health problems. Refer to our in-house article on the DSM-V. Hence, by coming to us, you or a loved one will be getting the same standard of treatment as anywhere else in the world.

Our program will last for a minimum of 28-days. Later in the program, if suited and confirmed by your counsellor, you could include work and study as part of your program. We understand the need to have recovery serve your future. But, in all this, your recovery needs to come first.

We are also a Muslim-friendly rehab centre. We serve only halal cuisine. Our location in Malaysia enables you to practice Islam without much hindrance. We even bring you to the mosque of Fridays for noon prayers. Rest assured, your Islamic needs will be met during your treatment with us.

Most importantly, we keep your records private and anonymous. We understand that as an addict, you are a patient with us. And that you were not responsible for the problems in your past. All these were a result of having this disease. But, you or a loved one are responsible for your recovery.

To begin that, you need to come to us. All we wish to do is to give you another chance at life. A clean slate. Through the anonymity we provide as well as life training, the addict can live at peace. Free from all the fatal consequences of addiction in the Middle-East. Do click here to know what it is like to live free from addiction.

Being young and youthful, coming into recovery gives you or a loved one, a whole life of opportunities. Do not miss that chance to make something out of your life. Call us for more information, we are always here to help.

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