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Basheera Hayati Abolins

Basheera Hayati Abolins

MPsy Counseling Psychology (UMS) Bachelor in Psychology (Hons) (HELP University)


With a background in counselling psychology, she is registered with the Malaysian Board of Counselors and a special interest in hypno-therapy and mindfulness. Atie is well equipped with supporting you with various difficulties. These include working with relationships, anxiety, depression, grief etc.

Hayati was trained in counseling which included providing the necessary support to clients who are going through various struggles. Her main theoretical application is in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) where she focuses on the relationship between thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

She is a Licensed Counselor (KBPA) with the Malaysian Board of Counselors. As part of her professional development, Hayati is currently pursuing a specialisation in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Hayati’s additional interests lie in the use of mindfulness in relapse prevention as she believes that having awareness in your daily life can bring the necessary respect and recognition to an individual’s thoughts and emotions.

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