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Senior Recovery Support Coach

Kaarthik is an Accredited Senior Recovery Coach and a leader with a wealth of life experience. Recognised fondly as "Mr. K" by colleagues and clients alike, his exceptional qualities make him a sought-after team member across our programs. Embodying the positive impact of life experiences, Kaarthik excels at motivating and inspiring our community. He is currently pursuing a degree in Psychology and brings over seven years of experience in Addiction Management, Behavioural Concerns, and Mental Health Critical Care.

With specialised training from The Centre for Adolescent Studies, Kaarthik is well-versed in Trauma-Informed Care and mindfulness for Teens & Adults. Mr. K adeptly leads therapeutic groups, including objective-focused sessions and goal-setting exercises. He employs motivational interviewing techniques, promotes trauma-informed 12-step approaches, as well as practices DBT and CBT. Kaarthik also takes the helm of our VIP Premium Individual stay programs, delivering one-on-one live-in coaching.

Additionally, Kaarthik plays a pivotal role in the management of transfers and extends support to individuals undergoing acute psychiatric care. He maintains effective communication with concerned family members, ensuring a comprehensive approach to care.

Beyond his professional capacities, Kaarthik possesses a distinct expertise as our resident pet specialist. A master trainer for small and fluffy animals, he imparts his skills to enchanting effect. Loki, his star pupil poodle, captivates us with an array of captivating tricks and dances, contributing to an engaging and supportive environment.

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