360 Degree Assessment

Psychological, Physiological, Psychiatric Insights for each client

The 3 core assessments for Addiction Treatment

Rehab Assessment

Physiological Assessment:

Our Rich 35 point interview assessment followed by a 17 point physical assessment including a lab investigation of blood, chest X ray, ECG and Infectious disease check to ensure we cover any health related issues. We help check your vitals from head to toe.

Psychiatric Assessment:

This is to establish whether a mental disorder or other condition requiring the attention of a psychiatrist is present and to collect data sufficient to support differential diagnosis, with this we collaborate with the patient to develop an initial treatment plan that will foster treatment adherence, with particular consideration of any immediate interventions that may be needed to address the safety of the patient.

Psychological Assessment:

The ultimate goal of psychological assessment is to help solve problems by providing information and recommendations relevant to making the optimum decisions related to the client. This involves integrating a wide variety of information including specifics of the problem, client resources, a client’s personal characteristics, and environmental circumstances. We then work with this information to make recommendations related to intensity (frequency and duration), goals, mode (individual, group, family), and usage of specific strategies and techniques.

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