Clinical Psychologist

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Clinical Psychologist

April 25, 2021

Job Summary:

» Serves as advisor and consultant to other staff and officials in the specialized areas of clinical psychology to include comprehensive psychological evaluations, diagnosis and treatment.

» Applies skilled expertise in several specialized areas of psychology such as suicide risk assessment, drug and alcohol addiction and abuse, personality assessment, use and interpretation of instruments uncovering functional and organic aspects of pathology, and behavior change of client.

» Communicates the results of the evaluations, taking full responsibility for the findings, interpretations, decisions, recommendations, and reports; and participates in therapy program development and consultation with all levels of staff regarding the neuropsychological, personality, social, environmental, and drug and alcohol aspects of the results as these relate to the behavioral change of the client.

» Serves as consultant to other staff psychologists, behavioral health therapist, and other medical staff.

» Conducts research on the clinic program effectiveness, as well as on new psychological tools which may increase the efficiency and effectiveness of patient evaluations.

» Trains others, such as interns, residents and staff, to include planning the professional aspects of the training, in the specialized area of addiction psychology and brief psychotherapy models.

» Provides clinical supervision of junior behavioral health practitioners.

» Participate in clinical supervision, treatment team, management, organizational and cross departmental teams as required.

Roles and Responsibilities:

» work groups, and initiatives as needed. Represent Solace Asia at committees, work groups, and initiatives as needed.

» Coordinate intern activities and other assigned tasks as needed.

» Maintain privileging and credentialing requirements and pursue professional development opportunities as appropriate.


» Fluency in English, both oral and written communications

» Excellent interpersonal  and strong leadership skills

» Computer skills (MS Office programs)

Education and Experience:

» Minimum requirement: Masters Degree in Psychology or equivalent. PHD in Psychology will be an added advantage.  

» At least 2-3 years of experience in Addiction Treatment Management/CBT/DBT/Co Morbid Disorders.