Nurse (Psychiatry Speciality)

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Nurse (Psychiatry Speciality)

April 25, 2021

Job Summary:

A nurse at Solace joins a team of multi-skilled patient care providers in the delivery of outcome oriented, safe, therapeutic and cost effective care. Identifies patient needs based on professional knowledge and medical plan of care. Establishes individualized outcome measures for each patient's care. Coordinates care to maximize desirable outcomes, patient satisfaction, and cost effective utilization of available personnel and resources. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

·      Assessing and talking to patients about their problems and discussing the best way to plan and deliver their care;

·      Building relationships with patients to encourage trust, while listening to and interpreting their needs and concerns;

·      Responding to distressed patients in a non-threatening manner and attempting to understand the source of distress;

·      Applying 'de-escalation' techniques to help people manage their emotions and behaviour;

·      Developing patients' social skills and helping to reduce feelings of isolation;

·      Preparing and maintaining patient records and producing care plans and risk assessments;


·      Graduate Courses in Geriatric Psychiatric Nursing or interested in Nursing. 2-4 years experience.