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Selva Nathan

Selva Nathan

General Coaching

Admissions Manager

Nathan is a certified social worker who has been working in the addiction recovery field as a group facilitator, mentor, and speaker in addiction facilities and halfway houses from Singapore.

Nathan has been facilitating programs like, Introduction to the 12 Steps, Emotion management programs, Relapse prevention programs provided by Wecare community services to both in-house and halfway houses.

During his services as an operations executive at Wecare community services, has learned about the different aspects of addiction and the harm it causes to families.

 Spiritually awakened together with a personal brush with addiction, Nathan isdetermined to help souls from this dreadful disease of addiction.

An avid supporter for the yellow ribbon route to acceptance, Nathan also does volunteering services in social sectors.

A trained First Aider, he spends his time mountain trailing and is inspired by nature.

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