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Clinicians from around the world and all with the passion for recovery.




Muhammad Syamim Aiman Bin Abd Hamid pursued a Degree in Counselling in University Sultan Azlan Shah, Perak. He further studied Counselling because of his love to help people come out from their problems and the feeling of happiness when he sees the client getting happy from their own problems.

He has been working in such different settings such as the National Institutes of Health doing research related to mental health among children and teenagers and publishing an article Contributing Factors to Psychological Distress, Coping Strategies, and Help- Seeking Behaviours. He wanted to help more people to handle their mental health properly and spread awareness of how important mental health is to yourself.

He is also a licensed and certified counsellor and practices Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy(REBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with children and teenagers

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